4 Essential Soft Skills in Construction Debt Collection


4 Essential Soft Skills in Construction Debt Collection

Debt collection firms need to interact effectively with debtors, customers, and supervisors. Particular inter-personal abilities are vital to the construction debt collection industry. Human relations are hard to teach, so look for debt collection firms who already possess these soft skills.


Communication is a two-way street. Strong verbal skills are both expressive and receptive. Debt collection experts must be able to verbally express ideas in person, over the phone, and in writing. Likewise, strong communicators excel at listening, negotiating, and speaking. They also pick up on nonverbal cues such as tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language.


Meeting customer needs is the hallmark of a true professional. Touchy situations are inevitable in the construction debt collection industry. Debt collection experts possess the ability to continue through each call in a professional manner, regardless of pushback from debtors. Professionals have a tough skin and can rebound after harsh calls without letting it affect their work.

Moreover, professionals are knowledgeable about their industry. For example, a debt collection firm working in New York and New Jersey needs to have a deep understanding of debt collection regulations in both states.

Critical Thinking

In construction debt collection, you need a debt collection firm who can analyze situations and make informed decisions. People who are creative, flexible, and curious tend to be good critical thinkers. Resourcefulness and a willingness to learn also goes a long way. Critical thinking involves using reasoning to identify inconsistencies and errors. It also helps debt collection firms address problems in a consistent and systematic way.

Technological Literacy

Understanding of technology is an essential skill in construction debt collection. In an increasingly paperless world, experienced collectors need to understand agency-specific computer programs and be competent in communicating via email, fax, phone, and text.

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Alison De Vito