Technology Trends to Help Grow Your Building Materials Supply Business


Technology Trends to Help Grow Your Building Materials Supply Business

The materials supply industry is behind the times when it comes to integrating technology, according to Mark Mitchell, leading sales growth consultant in the building materials industry. When it comes to making purchasing decisions online, customers tend to be ahead of manufacturers and suppliers. Consider this as an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by adopting modern methods. Current trends in technology can help building material suppliers manage receivables and follow up with slow-pay customers. There are even trends in technology that can help identify problem customers before you extend credit terms to them.

Technology Trends for Building Material Supplies

Construction material supply companies face many modern complexities. When implemented correctly, current technology can drive growth and efficiency. Integrating technology helps with everything from customer relations to inventory tracking. To stay competitive, companies will need to embrace many of these technological trends.

  • The Cloud - Computers share data and information throughout the supply chain. For example, Epicor has many cloud-based software solutions designed specifically for the building supplies industry.

  • The Internet of Things (IoT) - Connected devices and sensors transmit real-time shipment tracking and maintenance needs. Many companies are employing RFID technology to track construction materials through the supply chain.

  • Predictive Analytics - Machine learning allows companies to discover operational patterns and behaviors that drive growth and productivity. Big Data and analytics open a world of possibilities. Autodesk offers several products that are revolutionizing preconstruction.

Meeting Customer Expectations

Consumers today want access to more information than ever. Modern customers expect real-time updates on the location of supplies and delivery schedules. To keep up, building material suppliers need fully digital supply chains. Companies like Amazon outpace their competitors partly due to digital supply chains that let them better understand the customers' needs and behavior.

Managing Customer Service

Technology trends can help your company manage receivable and follow up with no-pay customers. Modern customers expect online payment options. To keep pace, companies need to accept credit cards, eChecks, and ACH payments. Offering recurring bank drafts reduces the risk of late payments. Paper invoices cost more in time, supplies, and postage. Plus, they are easy for customers to lose in the office clutter. On the other hand, electronic invoices and payments are quick, easy, and less expensive. Automatic invoice system can also alert you of problem accounts so you can take immediate action.

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Alison De Vito