Trends in Modular Construction


Trends in Modular Construction

Traditional building methods can be slow and wasteful. Inefficiency in construction means long build times, wasted materials, and added costs. However, current trends in modular construction are changing all that. In any industry, suppliers need to keep up with advancements to stay competitive. Building material suppliers can take advantage of modular construction trends to gain new clients.

What is Modular Construction

Modular or Panelized construction is a method that involves creating sections of a building away from the work site and the transporting and assembling them onsite. Contractors can use this type of construction for both residential and commercial buildings. Modular construction is entirely customizable. Builders send their specs to the supplier. Then the panels are produced in a factory and ship to the site. Because the panels are built indoors, they are not subject to the same delays as outdoor construction. So, even with shipping time, module construction is much faster.

The Modular Construction Trend

Offsite construction is a small market that is growing fast. Soon, it will reach a tipping point and become the preferred method over traditional building. The way smartphones replaced flip phones. Most construction material suppliers are not already providing modular construction product. So, when we reach a tipping point, it will hit them hard. Customer needs will change quickly and drastically.

Making the Change

Now is an opportune time to shift inventory toward offsite construction. Companies who recognize the market changes will work to meet the needs of customers and leave competitors behind. One of the biggest challenges for offsite construction is shipping and delivery. Current materials supply companies are uniquely poised to play a key role in this shifting industry. Start by developing strategic relationships with manufacturers and builders. From there you can move into supplying modular construction materials.

Good-Paying Customers

Shifting inventory to modular construction products places material suppliers in an excellent market position. Being poised to change with the trend will attract forward-thinking customers and avoid slow-pay or no-pay accounts. That’s because contractors who build efficiently are more likely to grow their business and continue to pay for supplies.

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Alison De Vito